The Florida Messenger utilizes prestamos personales Two Philosophies.!

First, when you are new to the area or on vacation, who do you ask for the best places to go?


We bring local trusted and established businesses together; whose goal is to offer only the very best in customer service while helping the community flourish! This allows residents and visitors to take the guess work out of finding services, products, attractions and events throughout the State of Florida!

Second, the philosophy of Governing Dynamics!

Which is, the cooperation of local businesses and civic groups to help each other grow and enrich our community. The Florida Messenger offers this forum for all to post their events, showcase their products or services and help our community grow.

Discover local businesses, hot-spots, upcoming events, things to do, parks, classes and more!




We invite you to join THE FLORIDA MESSENGER to help us help you.

We invite you, business owners and civic groups to help us promote the area by sending us YOUR SUGGESTIONS on information or local events that you believe will better serve our community!

We only list trusted and established local small businesses whose owners are valued members of the community and benefit their towns. We are honest business people helping other honest business people in our local and surrounding areas. Making it effortless for residents and businesses to refer each other is our foremost objective.

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