Matlacha Wellness Center takes a Natural and Holistic Approach to Health. We focus on helping you maintain a Natural and Healthy Lifestyle. Regular exercise, meditation, healthy eating, keeping a positive outlook on life, and relaxation are the principles that we feel are most important in a healthy lifestyle.

We specialize in Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Arthritis Relief, Post Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Yoga, Anti-Inflammatory Eating, Natural Pain Management, Mindfulness, Mental Health Counseling, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Complete Body Health.

It is our mission to teach you how to truly live a Healthier and Happier Life.

Personal Trainer

At the Matlacha Wellness Center, our certified personal trainers provide guidance and inspiration and help you with customized programs based on your goals.

Weight Loss Planning

Together we will design a customized plan just for you and show you how to follow it. You will not have any guess work, we will walk you through your new diet step by step.


At Matlacha Wellness Center we offer group classes, private and semi-private sessions. The purpose of Yoga is to connect your body, mind and spirit through breath!

Opening Hours


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