Who We Are And What Do We Do?

First, who we are not: We are not a company that companies just pay for a listing!

We only list trusted and established local small businesses whose owners are valued members of the community and benefit their towns. We are honest business people helping other honest business people in our local and surrounding areas. Making it effortless for residents and businesses to refer each other is our foremost objective.

What We Do?

We bring local small businesses together and direct their loyal clientele to other businesses in the surrounding area! More or less, a chamber of commerce without the dues and politics.

We utilize direct-marketing strategies combined with old-school word of mouth advertising to give a forum to local businesses, civic groups and residents to promote our community. We research local points of interest and things to do in the surrounding areas and invite our residents to help us help the community.

We invite you to join THE FLORIDA MESSENGER to help us help you.

By having THE FLORIDA MESSENGER logo on your web site and in your establishment your current clients and future ones know you are not out just to make a buck, you are giving back!

We invite you to join THE FLORIDA MESSENGER to help us help you.


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